Over the years we educated a lot of breeders on Parrot Egg Management and Breeding with Incubators. We know how difficult it can be to breed with those rare parrot species. Most breeders were surprised with our openness of sharing information, because sharing secrets on how to be successful is not common practice. We made friends all over the world, with breeders that have success with breeding hyacinths, yellow tail black cockatoos and other beautiful parrots and all use Artificial Incubation by now. For us, sharing is caring. The more information we share, the more we show we care about building a future with parrots in our lives. We want the breeding programs for parrots to be far more successful as they are now.

Today we’re reaching out to all of you to share knowledge about breeding with Artificial Incubation. We bundled our experience in a brand new Egg Management Excel Workbook especially for breeders. You are free to use it as long as you share your information and experience with us. Please have a look at the Species sheet and fill in the missing parts. Or add species that are not in there. Let’s build up a big database of species coëfficiënt information. And send it all back together with your feedback to us at info@een-01.nl

We will use the information we get back from you all to make this Breeding Workbook even better. And we’ll probably make a pro version of it by means of an App, together with a description what Egg Management entitles and how you should use the Breeding Workbook or App. We hope to gain support from as much breeders as possible!

Feel free to share this message, the URL or the Breeding Workbook. Hope to hear from you soon!

Click here to download: Breeders Workbook beta