I don’t read Dutch but I do love hagelslag…

Yo there, international macaw and parrot lovers! Does anybody know what the Dutch word ‘hagelslag‘ means?

I know that you are dying to get as much information on your beloved ones as you can get. On the other hand it is impossible for us to translate every article to 10 different languages or more… So that is why we’ve selected a couple of WordPress plugins that make use of the translate service of Google. Agreed, it is not the best quality. And yes, the buttons, text and images are moving around the page a bit… But it is getting better every day, and at least it is possible to get a fair understandig of the article you want to read. The photo’s and video’s also give you an headstart in understanding the text. In this blog we explain how you can use this amazing functionality!


It is pretty darn easy to use the translation service. Follow these easy three steps:


1. Go to the article you want to read. That means to the lowest level, not the summary of the article.



2. Click on the flag representing your language. The page will be translated automatically.



3. You’re kidding. There is no step 3. Really. It is so easy you don’t need a step 3.


Side note:

With this famous advertisement Steve Jobs returned to Apple and introduced his first iSuccess: the orginal iMac!

[youtube id=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/YHzM4avGrKI” width=”550″ height=”300″ wmode=”transparent” showinfo=”1″ autohide=”0″ quality=”hd720]

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Jan van Arkel is aviculturist op het gebied van de grotere ara soorten. Naast het kweken besteedt Jan veel tijd aan de educatie en training, onder andere via de website van Eén-01.nl en lezingen.

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